New product – octopus quick frozen

Sputnik regularly updates its range and carefully selects suppliers.

We present the new position in the assortment - Octopus whole, cleaned, frozen

Producer - Derhem Seafood.

Country: Morocco

Location: FAO 34 (Atlantic Ocean)

The octopus is the most famous species of cephalopods. It is found in all the oceans of the world, but the octopus that lives in the Atlantic Ocean off the Spanish and Moroccan coasts is considered the best in terms of the taste. Sputnik buys for its customers the best products that meet high quality standards, that is why the octopus was chosen from this particular region. The octopus is supplied frozen. The individual quick freezing process makes the octopus meat more tender and easier to cook, creating the perfect texture. Freezing also guarantees that the octopus will be stored for a longer period of time while retaining its fresh taste.

Sputnik assortment includes the following range of sizes:  1,5-2 kg,  2-3 kg,  3-4 kg,  4+ kg

The variety of cooking octopus depends on the country – for example, it is eaten mainly raw (sashimi) in Japan and it is grilled or deep-fried in Europe. Cooking octopus at home can be very easy: boil over low heat, and then fry if needed. Cooked octopus is a real delicacy. Octopus meat is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, iron and other health-promoting substances. The taste of octopus is naturally sweet and comparable to scallops.